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  • I have not received my e-book. When can I expect it?
  • If you did not receive your eBook for either a Wood Carving Set or the Diamond Sharpening Stone via email, you can download them here:


  • Can these tools be used with a mallet?
  • Yes! These tools can be used with a mallet or by hand


  • How long are these chisels?
  • These tools are about 10 inches (25.5cm) from the bottom of the handle to the tip of the blade. The lengths differ slightly depending on the size of the blade (the 20mm gouge, for example, is slightly longer than the veiner)


  • What is the carbon content of the CV steel in these tools?
  • The carbon content is around .65


  • What angle is the factory bevel let at?
  • About 23 degrees, with some slight variation


  • I have the 12 Piece Set. Do I need your other sets?
  • Our 12 Piece set is going to cover a wide range of projects. However, as you progress, you may find there are additional gouge profiles that will help you with more complex projects. Fishtail gouges, for instance, which are included in our expansion sets, can make cuts that other chisels simply are unable to make. Our two expansion sets - the 7 Piece Set and the 4 Piece Fishtail Set have been build to compliment the 12 Piece Set, so there is no overlap between them. 


  • For those that have put some use into these, how are the edges holding up, and have you cut any hard woods yet?

     I've used mine now for about 3 weeks...the edges are holding up just fine...I've used them on spruce and curly maple for violin making...

    (For more information on our steel quality and the edge retention of our tools, please check out our testimonials page, where professional and master carvers have put these tools through trials to test the quality and hardness of our steel).


  • Do you sell individual tools?
  • No, at this time we do not sell individual tools. One way we're able to pass savings along to our customers and keep our products so affordable is by selling our gouges in sets.




  • Can anyone recommend a good set of sharpening stones to sharpen these tools?

    Schaaf Tools sells an excellent two-sided diamond stone and holder set that does a wonderful job for shaping and sharpening outside bevels on their tools along with most other edged tools. Fine wet and dry abrasive paper on a rounded surface can be used for forming any internal bevels, smoothing and shaping inside surfaces and a common strop can be used for final polishing. 

    Schaaf Tools will also be offering a honing strop, coming soon!


  • I just received my Wood Carving set from Schaaf Tools and I’d like to sharpen them. Do you have any sharpening tips?
  • Sharpening your gouges isn’t a difficult or complicated endeavor, and can be cathartic or even enjoyable if you take a little time to learn how to do it right. 

    We have some helpful resources to get you started. You can check out the eBook here:

    We also have a video from carving legend Joe Dillett on how to sharpen your tools with our Diamond Sharpening System:

    “Sharpen your tools before they get dull. As soon as you feel the crispness of the cut diminishing, take a second to hone the tool, keeping it at its peak performance”  Joe Dillett.

  • I love my new Schaaf 400/1000 grit diamond stone, but it came with an empty spray bottle.  How do I use the bottle and what am I supposed to put in it?  Do you have any recommendations?
  • We recommend putting water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a provided spray bottle, it works well as a lubricant for our diamond stone. Even though you can use your diamond stone dry (it won’t harm the diamond), using a lubricant will carry away the materials from your blade as you sharpen.


    • Why don't you sell lapping fluid for your diamond stone?

    We don't sell lapping fluid because it is expensive and unnecessary. Water with a little dishwashing soap is equally effective, and free! That's why we provide you with the empty spray bottle. 


  • Can you sharpen Schaaf Wood Carving Tools on a CBN wheel? Or will the steel clog it?

    Yes, you can sharpen Schaaf Tools on a CBN wheel. If you are going to use a CBN wheel, we recommend using an 80 grit wheel to a double-sided 400/1000 grit diamond stone and from there to a stropping paste. Even though CBN wheels do not overheat your tools like other regular grinding wheels, we recommend using them at a low speed.




  • Hi, are you guys ever going to get into bigger sculpting tools?

    We are continually looking into other tools to add to our product line. If you have specific recommendations for tools you’d like to see us offer in the future, please send your thoughts to


    Can Schaaf Wood Carving Tools set be used for linoleum carving?

    Normally, linoleum carving requires a smaller fine cut -  a palm tool works very well for linoleum projects. Our tools are suitable for bigger carving projects that require a two-handed grip or a mallet. That being said, as long as you are taking safety precautions, and know what you are doing, our tools can be used on materials other than wood. Master Carver Joe Dillett recently showcased our tools carving stone (stone!) in a video you can see here:


  • Can these be used with wood turning?
  • No, these tools are only meant to be used by hand and with a mallet.


    • Do you sell wood for wood carving?

    Yes! We've recently added a collection of Basswood carving blocks to our store. Check out those options here:


    Have a question we didn't answer? Please don't hesitate to contact our team! Email us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.