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Testimonials from the Carving Community

See what these master carvers and the country's leading carving magazine have to say about Schaaf Tools.

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

"'I would compare them to Swiss quality,' Dick said.
'For the price, they are excellent.

I, too, am impressed. Once sharpened, the Schaaf tools are a pleasure to work with."

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Joe Dillett, Master Carver

"I once told somebody it was gonna be a very cold day before I endorsed any product. Well today is a real cold day, and I'm going to endorse a product, Schaaf Tools"

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Lora Irish

So, the big questions…

*     Yes, they are high quality steel!

*     Yes, you can get them pre-sharpened by the experts at

*      Yes, the variety of tool profiles are just want my beginners will be using.

*      And yes!!! They are very affordable for any beginning carver and will last a lifetime.

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Wood by Wright

"The Schaaf Chisels keep getting recommended to me. and at the price of around $8 each I was very skeptical..."

Check out what his final verdict was.

Randall Stoner aka Madcarver

"The steel is robust, and thicker than other leading brands...overall I'm really happy with them and I recommend them."