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Schaaf Tools 4-piece Fishtail Set
Schaaf Tools 4-piece Fishtail Set sizes
Schaaf Tools 4-piece Fishtail Set with case
Fishtail woodcarving tool from Schaaf Tools close-up detail
Fishtail Tool attention to detail
Wood carving tool replacement guarantee Schaaf Tools
Wood worker using Schaaf Tools 4-piece Fishtail set
Sharpening fishtail wood carving tool on diamond stone
4-piece fishtail wood carving set

4-Piece Detail Wood Carving Set – Fishtail Profiles to Reach Into Spaces Other Gouges Can’t

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Our Promise

We understand that a carving set is an investment that should hopefully last a lifetime if well cared for. With all our products, Schaaf Tools offers:

  • Excellent customer service ✔
  • Replacements for any tools that don't meet expectations ✔
  • 100% money-back guarantee ✔

Schaaf Tools Set of 4 Fishtail Wood Carving tools for Detail Work fits into areas no other gouges will fit. These delicate-looking gouges allow you to carve details like no other tool. Their unique shape also makes them surprisingly versatile.

Unlike most gouges, which feature a short round or square section close to the handle (called the shaft) before assuming the sweep of the gouge, fishtail gouges have a longer shaft that only flares out to the sweep and size of the gouge near the end. This shape allows you to fit into tight areas, and with practice, allows you to carve a variety of curves and shapes with just the corner of the gouge. 

While it is possible to start carving with this factory-sharpened set immediately, the edges will cut better with a bit of finessing and polishing. Professional and intermediate carvers will jump right in, grind or stone the bevels to their favorite angle, polish the edges, and start carving. The factory set the bevel at the most useful angle for most carvers, so along with the complimentary eBook on sharpening, even beginners should be able to polish the edge and get carving right away. If you want to ship the sharpening set, see our Premium Sets.

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    All Tools come packaged in a Schaaf Tools canvas tool roll with protective plastic tips.

    • PLEASE READ – Do not buy this set if you are not willing to sharpen your tools. These come factory ground and sharpened, and like any gouges, will require sharpening. For commissioned sets, see our Premium collection.
    • HIGH-QUALITY WOOD CARVING TOOLS – Each tool is made from alloy chromium-vanadium steel and hardened to Rockwell C60 so blades will hold an edge for a long time and won't dull quickly with repeated use; Hardwood ash, European style octagonal handles prevent tools from rolling off your workspace.  
    • 100% GUARANTEE – If any of the individual tools do not meet expectations, please contact us so we can replace them! If you aren't completely satisfied, please contact us immediately for your money back
    • SCHAAF BRAND – Schaaf Tools has been endorsed by Woodcarving Illustrated, and master carvers, including Joe Dillett, Alexander Grabovetskiy among others, so you know what you’re getting with every purchase. We stand behind our tools. 
    • E-BOOKS AVAILABLE - Check out our e-books for beginners and pros!

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