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7-piece premium set of Wood carving tools
7-piece premium set of Wood carving tools
Premium wood carving tool sizes
7-piece premium set of Wood carving tools
7-piece premium set of Wood carving tools
Woodcarving Illustrated endorsement of Schaaf tools
7-piece premium set of Wood carving tools
Wood carving tool sharpening on diamond stone

Professionally Hand Sharpened - 7-Piece Expansion Wood Carving Set – Add to Your Foundation

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Our Promise

We understand that a carving set is an investment that should hopefully last a lifetime if well cared for. With all our products, Schaaf Tools offers:

  • Excellent customer service ✔
  • Replacements for any tools that don't meet expectations ✔
  • 100% money-back guarantee ✔

Expand your carving kit with this read-to-carve set selected by a team of professional carvers. Each tool in this seven-tool set has been professionally sharpened by Dick Belcher of Belcher Carving Supply.

We asked our team of professional carvers what tools would complement Schaaf Tools' original 12-piece carving set. With their help, we’ve put together 7 additional profiles that can stand alone as a set, but will also work perfectly in addition to the 12 original profiles. There is no overlap between the two. 

The #3F-14mm and #3F-20mm fishtails are particularly useful for carving backgrounds around highly contoured, raised-relief areas. The #3-20mm is ideal for wasting (quickly removing) large background and "flat" areas. And the #12 - 10mm V-tool works for outlining, separating parts of a relief carving, detailing, and carving lines. 

While our regular set of tools comes factory sharpened and ready to use out of the box, we wanted to offer a premium set to our customers who would like their tools professionally honed before purchase. Having your tools professionally sharpened will make future sharpening and maintenance easier as the user has a 'template' to follow and maintain the blade's edge. We hope you appreciate this premium set offered to you with the help of Belcher Carving Supply! A $300 value at a fraction of the cost.  

Schaaf Tools Wood Carving Tools, Set of 7 is a set for beginners, hobbyists, and intermediate woodcarvers, as well as professionals looking to add to their tool collection.

    More Details
    Profiles Included: #3-20mm, #6-12mm, #3F-20mm, #3F-12mm, #11-15mm, #11-10mm, #12-10mm
    • HIGH-QUALITY WOOD CARVING TOOLS – Each tool is made from alloy chromium-vanadium steel and hardened to Rockwell C60 so blades will hold an edge for a long time and won't dull quickly with repeated use; Hardwood ash, European style octagonal handles prevent tools from rolling off your workspace.
    • 100% GUARANTEE – If any of the individual tools do not meet expectations, please contact us so we can replace them! If you aren't completely satisfied, please contact us immediately for your money back
    • SCHAAF BRAND – Schaaf Tools has been endorsed by Woodcarving Illustrated, and master carvers, including Joe Dillett, Alexander Grabovetskiy among others, so you know what you’re getting with every purchase. We stand behind our tools.

     Basswood and Walnut Available

    No matter the size of your project, the material you use can make a big difference. That is why we have Basswood and Walnut wood blocks available in the shop. We use these types of wood and have trusted its quality. 

    We have the following types of wood that provide a great surface for wood carving: